Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Seeing screenshots from the trailer for this on another forum reminded me of something... That I'm still waiting for a legitimate explanation for this.

The developers stated that the game isn't a series reboot, and that it takes place before DMC3. Now then, it really doesn't make any sense for Dante to have black hair; his dad and brother both have white hair, on top of us knowing that he has white hair in the future. The only explanation I can see is that teenage Dante is doing his best to embody the spirit of Hot Topic, and is dying his hair black (and his eyebrows, which he apparently plucks). If you notice in some of the screenshots from the trailer/gameplay, you can even see a tuft of white hair at the top.


This still doesn't explain why he has red eyes. Again, the only explanation I can see for this is that he's decided to take the physical representation of his teenage angst to a whole new level by wearing red contacts. Fucking. Stupid.

So either they've decided to make teenage Dante the biggest fucking douchebag of all time, or they're comfortable with their character design making literally no fucking sense.

Why developers, why?

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