Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Seeing screenshots from the trailer for this on another forum reminded me of something... That I'm still waiting for a legitimate explanation for this.

The developers stated that the game isn't a series reboot, and that it takes place before DMC3. Now then, it really doesn't make any sense for Dante to have black hair; his dad and brother both have white hair, on top of us knowing that he has white hair in the future. The only explanation I can see is that teenage Dante is doing his best to embody the spirit of Hot Topic, and is dying his hair black (and his eyebrows, which he apparently plucks). If you notice in some of the screenshots from the trailer/gameplay, you can even see a tuft of white hair at the top.


This still doesn't explain why he has red eyes. Again, the only explanation I can see for this is that he's decided to take the physical representation of his teenage angst to a whole new level by wearing red contacts. Fucking. Stupid.

So either they've decided to make teenage Dante the biggest fucking douchebag of all time, or they're comfortable with their character design making literally no fucking sense.

Why developers, why?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dragon Age 2

I figured that after loving the first game so much, even with my initial apprehension due to how much they seemed to change, as well as the overwhelming number of negative responses I'd heard, I had to at least give the game a try for myself. And boy, does it suck.


The gameplay sucks, the dialog sucks, your companions suck; it just sucks. Your companions fill the roles of numerous archtypes, all of them with relatively cliche backstories and non-redeeming personalities. I'm completely unable to understand what Bioware could possibly have been thinking as far as the design of the game... If the first game was very successful and well received, why go out of your way to make it as different from the first game as possible while still making it relevant enough to share the same title?

Not to mention the pinnacle of awful game making: the vast array of dlc available with the game upon release. Now I have no problem with DLC that's released after the game has been out; something they made afterward that people have the option of purchasing to extend or improve their experience of the game... As a relevant example, I think the short DA expansions would fall into this category. But taking things out of the release-version of the game and asking me to pay more for them? No, fuck you.

The game would have been 100x better with Alistair, the end.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ahh, the first post! Been a while since I've started one of these. Just sitting here trying to finish a photo retouch that's due for a client tomorrow, but getting preoccupied by the perpetual stream of bad news from Japan.

More disconcerting things to consider amidst the rest of the tragedy...